Luftwaffe radar stations (Flugmeldemess-Stellungen).


Notional description.






  I.a.w. common German practice these sites consisted of standardized elements (electronic equipment, barracks/buildings and bunkers), combined and laid out with specified distance criteria.  Sites on the coast were eventually equipped with heavy bunkers (St.- aufbau) for the protection of vital functions, equipment and personnel.  In in-land sites in many countries it was specified, that the buildings should offer protection against small arms fire  
  The configuration of the sites developed over time.  The drawing immediately below depicts a fairly early configuration.  With the introduction of the long range search radars  (Fernsuchgeräte) Wassermann and Mammut and with the increased emphasis on reducing vulnerability, the configuration standard changed and when fully developed was called a Vollfestungsmässig Gross Suchstellung.  It consisted of a fortified main site (Hauptstützpunkt I) and two fortified satellite sites (Stützpunkt II and III) each with a long range radar.  Please see drawing: "Flugmeldemess-Stellung 1'Ordnung, with bunkers, notional" below, for a lay-out typical of sites in Denmark.  
  The sites were manned by a Ln.-Kompanie and the manning was specified in K.St.N. 3279 a (L) and 3294 (L) as given below.  (Offz./Uffz./Msh.)  
  Hauptstützpunkt I:  3/46/161.  
  Stützpunkt II:  0/8/30.  
  Stützpunkt III:  1/8/30.  
Other known K.St.N.:    
Stab Ln.-Rgt. 3101 (L)    
Stab Ln.-Btn. 3102 (L)    
Ln.Ausw.Kp. 3282 (L)    
Ln.Tel.Bau.Kp. 3259 (L)    
Ln.Ausbau.Kp. 3243 (L)    
Ln.Techn.Kp. 3422 (L)    
  Flugmeldemess-Stellung 2'Ordnung, notional.  

  Suchstellung I in der Rückwärte Linie, as specified by Höh Jafü West in July 1943.  For a specification of barracks, please see next page.  
  Flugmeldemess-Stellung 1'Ordnung, notional.  

Flugmeldemess-Stellung 1'Ordnung, with bunkers (###/L 4##), notional.



Vollfestungsmässig Gross Suchstellung as specified by Höh Jafü West in July 1943.  Judging from the number of L 486 built (14) very few - if any - Stellungen were actually built exactly iaw these specifications.


Festungsmassig Stellung.

   The nominal distance between the Würzburg Riese sites was a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 1000 m.  The Freya again had to be at least 150 m from any of the two.  


L 486, a combined crew and stand-by power (NEA) shelter.

  As far as it can be established L 486 were built at the following sites:  AUERHAHN: 2; KRABBE: 2; PFAUGENAUGE: 2; BUNTSPECHT: 1; DIESTELFINK: 1; RATIBOR: 2; KARPFEN: 3 (1 unfisnished).  

Lay-out of the barracks area.



  Stellungszentrale/Auswertung; variations over a theme.