Zentral Gefechtsstand (Schematic overview).





     Whereas the Zentral GefStds GYGES, SOKRATES and DIOGENES have been known for decades, those at Döberitz (1 JD) and Oberschleissheim (7 JD) escaped many of us for years.  It was not until 2002 that I personally got the first glimpse of the 2 last mentioned bunkers - and to the best of my knowledge all that is available on 7 JD is a few pictures and one site plan.  Sadly the bunker was demolished about 30 years ago. The 3 first bunkers are in Baustarke A and drawings of GYGES and DIOGENES are available.  Very little documentation has surfaced on SOKRATES.  Döberitz, MEDUSA and MINOTAURUS are in Feldmessig Aufbau, although recent information has confirmed, that MEDUSA and MINOTAURUS had a core bunker of concrete, and only the surrounding annex was constructed of bricks.  From my studies of several dozens of photos taken by F. Jensen and the Schrřder family, of the Döberitz bunker, it is obvious, that Döberitz is very similar to GYGES, the Kampfraum and the Auswertung are identical, as are the balconies behind the Lagekarte.  Below are reconstructed  drawings of the Döberitz and MINOTAURUS/MEDUSA bunkers.  They are based on drawings of GYGES, but adjusted based on photographs and measurement of the Döberitz bunker.  Based on several photos I have of the 7 JD bunker, I have assessed, that it in many ways must be similar to that of 1 JD, but it is NOT identical.  
       As the reader will have realized the JD/Jafü Zentral Gefechtsstände were similar, but not identical.  I have identified 3 variants.  Zen GefStd (Regelbau), Zen GefStd (Hybrid) and Zen GefStd (Feldmässig Aufbau).  Below I have tabulated some key features where the constructions differ.  
    Feature Outer walls Inner walls



Roof reinforced



  ZG(R) 2, 3 JD & Jafü Däne A B, B1 C+ A No  
  ZG (Hyb) 4 & 7 JD C B, B1 * C B1 Neu Yes  
  ZG (FA) 1 JD C D C B1 Neu No  
  * This is based on information from Herr Guenter Braun (Bayerische-Flugzeug-Historiker e.V.), who has information that the "core" bunker of MINOTAURUS was in B.  This would also explain how the inner walls are able to support the reinforced roof.  

A = 3,50 m, B = 2,00 m, B1 neu = 1,50 m, C = 0,60 m, D = 0,30 M


Zentral Gefechtsstand. Stahlbeton-Skelettbauweise.

  Zentral Gefechtsstand. Hybrid.  

Zentral Gefechtsstand (Ständige Aufbau).