Numbers of radars produced.  

  I have nowhere in published literature been able to find an account describing the numbers of radars produced for the Flugmelde Dienst.  So this is the first iteration partly based on Trenkle's figures in "Die deutchen Funkmessverfahren bis 1945 " nd Hoffmann II/1.  The Luftwaffe established about 250 Flugmeldemess Stellungen, most of which were equipped with a least one Freya and two Würzburg Riese.  So here are my figures based on multiple sources.  
FuMG 450 Freya At least 250.
  FuMG 401 Freya LZ 671 This is Trenkle's figure, I am not sure if this includes all versions.  


FuMG ? Wassermann S 12 One was lost in combat an never mounted.  
  FuMG ? Wassermann L 15 - 20    
  FuMG 402 Wassermann M 150    
  FuMG ? Mammut 18 plus 3 possible.    
  FuSE 65 Würzburg Riese. 1.500    
  FuMG 404 Jagdschloss 80     
FuMG ? Elefant 3
  FuMG ? See Elefant 1 and 1 under construction    
  FuMG ? Klein Heidelberg 6