Luftwaffe Vermittlung 98 (LV 98), Kolding, Denmark.  

In most of my research I have chased sites and constructions related to known units or formations.  I would know the approximate location, and through photo interpretations of aerial photos, the site would be located.  A subsequent field survey would then "un-earth" most of the constructions in the site.


This problem was different.  I had the bunker, but no proof of organization. In the Baufortschrittsplan Blatt 50 the following information is found:

b) L.V.u.H.V.
Lfd.Nr Neue Bauw. Nr Alte Bauw.Nr Bauwerkstype m3 Gebaut für Verwendet als
6 50885 603 Fluko.Sk - L Gr.L.Vermitlg.
7 50857 604 Fl 250 2350 L Flagruko f. Verstärkeramt.

A recent re-examination of the data at hand has finally solved the mystery.  According to Hoffmann II/2 p. 291 Lw Vermittlungen 98 (LV 98) was located in Kolding.  According to a Danish post war report the following functions were performed  by the unit at this address:  An automatic telephone repeater and an operator served telephone and tele-printer central.  These functions were originally housed in a wooden barrack located close to where the Fl 250 is now located.  The unit performing these functions must be LV 98.  The Fl 250 was completed and the repeater functions were transferred.  The plan was to transfer the telephone/tele-printer central to the SK, but the bunker was not finished at the time of the liberation.



Location on Rømøvej, SK on the left, Fl 250 on the right.




Picture 1.  Fl 250 underground on the left under the steel lattice mast, SK on the right.


Picture 2.






Drawing of the SK, ground floor and first floor.



Fl 250.