Luftwaffe Fightercontrol stations (Jägerleit Stellungen) in France.  
  Luftwaffe Fighter Headquarters in France.  

  The below map depicts the Jägerleit Stellungen and Fighter HQs in France.  At this point (mid 1944) the Jägerleit Stellungen were all, except one, equipped with Freya-EGON and Y-Linien.  These sites are depicted with a solid circle.  The EGON Stellung is depicted with an open circle.  Comparing with I JK it is odd, that Jafü 4 and 5 apparently have a Jägerleit Stellung embedded, in the sense that the Jafü is Freya-EGON and Y-Linien equipped.  In I JK the JD and Jafü could access the Y-Linien in the remote Jägerleit Stellungen via telephone lines, I have yet to find a case in I JK area, where the Jägerleit Stellung is actually embedded in the JD/Jafü.



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