Kriegsmarine Signals Intelligence Stations.







The crest of MPHS Brügge.


The crest of MPHS Stavanger.


Marine Peil Haupt Stelle.

  The information below has been extracted from "Die Deutsche Marine-Funkaufklärung 1914 -1945", Heinz Bonatz, Beitrage zur Wehrforschung, BAND XX/XXI,  supple-mented by Mr. Paul Sedal, Rolf Grzywatz and posts on  


M.P.Abt. Location. M.P.Kp. Location. Unit.
1. MPHS Wilhelmshaven 1. Wilhelmshaven. MPHS Wilhelmshaven.
  MPNS Cuxhaven 2. Altenwalde MPNS Cuxhaven & Borkum.
  Wilhelmshaven. 3. Totenweg B.- und Peilausbildung Kp.
2. Swienemünde- Ahlbeck. 1. Ahlbeck.  Moved to Flensburg on 18 APR 1945 Befehlsstelle Ost.
    2. Ahlbeck-Strand.  
3. Brügge. 1. Brügge. MPHS Brügge.  Relocated in late 1944 via Brussels to Groningen.  Disbanded 18 APR 1945.
    2.   MPNS den Helder, Hoek van Holland, Schveningen, Boulogne, Le Touquet,  Maasluis, Dieppé, Fécamp and Etretat.
    3. Brügge. Stabs Kp.
4. Brest. 1. Brest. MPHS Brest.
    2.   MPNS SoIulac, Erquy and Bayeux (Chateau Magny).
      Kirkenaes. MPHS Kirkenaes with MPNS Hammerfest, Fisnes, Andenes, Svanvik and Sandnessjøen.
      Viste. MPHS Stavanger with MPNS Aalesund (Giskøy).
      Bordeaux. MPHS Bordeaux
      Taormina MPHS Taormina became:
      Genzano MPHS Genzano became:
      Karersee MPHS Karersee with MPNS Nervi, Carrara and Pauda.
      Eupatoria. MPHS Eupatoria with MPNS Feodosia and Mamaia.
      Neumünster.  Moved to Hjörring 18 APR 1945. MPHS Neumünster, Falshöft and Bokel.
      Soest. MPHS Soest.
      Langenargen, Bodensee. MPHS Langenargen.
      Neusiedl am See. MPHS Neusiedl.
        MPHS Mot.I.
        MPHS Mot.II.
      Skibsby. MPHS Hjörring.
      Gudhjem, Bornholm. KW-Peilstelle Gudhjem.
      Montpellier. MPHS Montpellier with MPNS Port Venders and Salins d'Hyères.
      Athens. MPHS Athen with MPNS Loutza.
      Pillau to Reval back to Pillau. MPHS PillaU/Reval with MPNS Hungerburg.
      Odessa. MPHS Odessa with MFP (?), re-located to Bugas APR 1944.
  M.P.Abt.  Marine Peil Abteilung.
M.P.Kp.   Marine Peil Kompanie.
MPHS.     Marine Peil Haupt Stelle.
MPNS.     Marine Peil Neben Stelle.    

Map of above locations.

  The Kriegsmarine used the family of Adcock Peilers as their main Peil Anlage.  In most cases unfortunately the KM does not use the standard Fu Peil numbering, this makes it very difficult to identify the Adcock version.  Below is a list of the equipment used given by the KM designation.  Hopefully it will be possible to associate the equipment with the Fu Peil number.  


KM Desig. Fu Peil.


# of masts. Manafacturer. Frequency.
KW 4 U 80 KWU/37 KW 4 NVK 20 -100 m
KW 8 U 80 *   KW 8 NKV 20 - 100 m
c1 Ger. c 1 KW 6   20 - 100 m
a/b Ger. a/b GW 4   80 - 350 m
  A 70 f GW 4   100 -195 m
Goldfink   GW     130 - 195 m
LW 4 H 800   LW 4 NVK 400 - 3000 m
LW 4 H 3000   LW 4 NVK 400 - 3000 m
    * I cannot find a picture of a "8-mast Adcock" - published or un-published - but iaw German sources such a system was deployed in Skisby and I have found the foundation.    

And while we are at mystery Adcocks here is an "farm" at Klitmøller just south of Hanstholm.  It is not mentioned in known German documents, and we have not found any contemporary pictures.  The explanation was finally found in IF-181 Seabourne Report Vol. VI.  The station was part of the D/F net controlled by III/Ln.-Rgt 3.  Please see Adcock Farms in the Hanstholm area. - yes I know the text is in Danish, but pictures and drawings have no language barrier.

  MPHS Hjörring, Skibsby.  
  KW-Peilstelle Gudhjem.