Kriegsmarine Jamming Service. (Funkmess Stör Dienst).




October 1944 - May 1945





     The operational and tactical problem facing the Kriegsmarine was naval warfare being conducted from the air.  Allied airpower conducted mine laying, anti-shipping and anti-submarine operations in the North Sea, in Danish waters and in the Baltic.  The Luftwaffe was preoccupied with the strategic bomber offensive and due to technical limitations, it was difficult to provide inter-service assistance to the Kriegsmarine.  Thus the Kriegsmarine established their own aircraft reporting service, their own signals-intelligence- and jamming-service directed against allied airpower.  The Funkmess Stör Dienst was embedded in the FuMB-Dienst.  As far as in can be established the two services were collocated in the same sites and to some extend they used the same equipment.  

Funkstör equipment.







Karl I. FuMS 3. RPZ. 170 - 220 Mhz. ASV, Oboe.
Kettenhund. FuMS 5. Telefunken. 166 - 250 Mhz. ASV.
Roderich. FuMS 11. Siemens. 2860 - 3100 Mhz. H2S, AI Mk X.
Roland M. FuMS 12. Siemens. 2730 - 3750 Mhz. H2S, AI Mk X.