Kriegsmarine Gefechtsstand, Lagezimmer.  

In any Kriegsmarine GefStd involved in plotting of radartracks/filtering there was a Situations Room called Lagezimmer.  In the published literature it is possible to find a description of the functions of most rooms in a bunker, but the functions in the room and a detailed layout is very hard to come by.  For a long I have had the description of the Lagezimmer in a Flak. UGRUKO, but a similar description of the room in a bunker involved in the production of the Recognized Naval Picture has been very hard to find.  Thanks to generous help from a couple of friends it is now possible to share this information.  The layout from the M 152 is based on an original German drawing.

  Lagezimmer in a M 152, Marinekommandostand.   Lagezimmer in a Fl 250, Flakgruppenkommandostand.  
  An attempted reconstruction of the M 152 in Frederikshavn.  The drawing is based on German type drawings, Danish post war drawings and field surveys.   The Fl 250 in Esbjerg.  Drawing based on field surveys, immediate post war photos and French copies of German drawings.  
  Interior layout incl. Lagezimmer.   Lagezimmer.  
  I have the function of room 1 spelled incorrectly, but this is as close as I can make out the German handwriting.      
      The Führungs Tisch, Lagekarte and Freya Karte in the Fl 250 in Esbjerg.