KONAJA Raum DROSSEL, Duisburg.


Callsign for Sprechfunk: VARUS.

  This Gef.Std. was located in a 2 storied bunker (approx 20 x 50 m), which is now partly demolished.  The information below is based on the findings of Mr. Eric Zeppenfeld with his kind permission.  


General area map.





  Location of the ruin just SE of Wolfsbürg.  Please note the 3 irregular craters from blasting.  



The bunker in 1944Please note the two supporting constructions North of the bunker, corresponding to the 3 craters mentioned above.


The Lichtpunktverfer and Largekarte in DROSSEL.


 The bunker in 2010 thanks to Mr. Markus Mosch (c) with his kind permission.


  A provisional cross section by Mr. Markus Mosch (c) with his kind permission.  The bunker is about 50 m long with 2,5 m walls and roof.