The Luftnachrichten Dienst:  


AFMZ Bergen, Flöyen/Bergen, BERGKRISTALL.



The AFMZ was housed at Flöyen in all probability in a wooden barrack.  Sources indicate the presence of  a Jägerleit Stelle in the immediate vicinity, also in a wooden barrack, which burned down after the war.  A site with 2 Y-Linien, 1 Brummer and a RV-Station was located at Rundemanen.  In 3 independent sources this site is listed as a Funksende Zentrale (FuSZ 144).  At this point it is my theory, that the Jägerleit Stelle was part of the AFMZ.  It received the position of own fighters from the Stellung at Rundemanen and the Luftlage from the AFMZ.  I.a.w German Baulisten from 1944 it was planned to build a SK of 2.000 m3 as FMZ. Rumors are also circulating about a bunker at Rundemanen.


The location of Flöyen and Rundemanen


  Map of the location of AFMZ.  
  The complex immediate post war.  Note the floor of a bunker under construction on the right.  

  Location of the site at Rundemanen.  The two Y-linien and the Brummer were situated just north of the Radio st.