Luftwaffe radar stations (Flugmeldemess Stellungen).  
  Nachtjagdleitschiff "Togo".  
  Unit: 22./Ln-Rgt.222; Feldpost nr.: L 53 441.  
  The conceptual father of Togo - the Kreta.  
  Ilé de BEAUTÉ before the rebuilt.   The KRETA with a Würzburg and a Freya in a configuration not normally seen.  


The crest of "Togo".



The "Togo" before she was rebuilt, with the kind permission of Mr. Flemming Hansen.

    The "Togo" Nachtjagdleitschiff was probably conceived in order to cover gaps in the radar coverage in the Baltic.  2 Flugmeldemess Stellungen, which could have covered The Great Belt (69 and 72), were, for reasons, which hitherto remains obscure, abandoned in the construction phase.  This made it difficult to counter mine laying RAF aircraft in Danish Waters.  The ship was converted from a planned auxiliary cruiser, which again was a converted merchant ship.  She was commissioned in OCT 1943 with a ships company of 289 from the Kriegsmarine and 74 from 22/Ln-Rgt 222.  established 12. December 1943. The "Togo" was equipped with 1 Freya A/N, 1 Würzburg-Riese (gyro stabilized), 2 Heinrich Peiler (gyro stabilized), 2 Hans E-Mess Gerät a Funk- and a Leuchtfeuer and a RV radio-relay system. The ship was under operational control of the JD/Jafü in the area of operation of which it was employed.  


  The "Togo".  



Close-up of Würzburg-Riese, 1 Heinrich-Peiler and 1 Hans E-Mess mast.


The Togo in the harbor of Reval.  The 2 masts just in front of the bridge carry FuG 16 antenna.  © Jørn Junker and Michaël Svejgaard.


The operating areas of "Togo".

  Preplanned anchorages for "Togo" in Danish waters.