Gefechtsstand Bunker.  



Seekommandant Dänische Inseln, Copenhagen.



  It had been known for a long time that the above commander had his Gef.Std. in Bådsmandsstrædes Kaserne, to-day better known as Christiania, and some of us could not accept the fact, that it was not housed in a bunker, but none of the sources indicated that was the case.  Thanks to the stubbornness and resourcefulness of Mr. Marco Hansen the bunker has now finally been found in an archive and in real life.  


Siteplan.  The bunker (Gef.Std.) is buried in the embankment in the lower left of the plan.

  The bunker, somewhat similar to a M 152.  Copyright as indicated.  The shape of the Tobruk is a little suspect and under investigation.   Foundation on top.  
  Foundation on top.   The entrance.