This facility was established in the summer of 1944 and was manned by a by a part of SS-Flakabteilung B.  It performed 3 functions: Plotting of the Reich-Lage, in order to inform the Führerhauptquartier about ongoing air operations, plotting of the Luftlage provided by the Flugmeldemess Stellungen HUND, GIRAFFE and SCHIMMEL Flugmeldemess, Mediterranean in order to provide early warning and plotting of the Luftlage provided by by the Flugwache within 30 km, through an unidentified FLUKO, as an aid to tactical control of the Flak protecting the complex.  This information was presented on 3 separate Lagekarte in the Flugmeldezentrale.  The FLUWAs were manned by 1.Flugmelde-Funk-Kompanie (Klagenfurt), which together with HUND, GIRAFFE and SCHIMMEL formed Führer Ln-Flugm.-Abt.  






Location of the HQ complex.


An ad from Verlag Beierl, Rathausplatz, D-83471 Berchtesgarden, depicting the location of the FMZ in the black circle.  An excellently researched book on the Obersalzberg complex ("Hitlers Berg" by Herr Florian M. Beierl), in an outstanding print and lay-out, was published in 2004. 



A picture from the aforementioned book depicting the foundation for the Lagekarte with a piece seen at the lower corner.  With the kind permission of Mr. Florian M. Beierl.  Copyright: Florian M. Beierl, depicted in "Hitlers Berg" page 199, copyright.


A somewhat speculative sketch of the bunker.  The proportions are correct, but the scale might be slightly wrong.  Photos from the FMZ clearly indicate the location of the 3 Lagekarte.  The large center room was the Lagezimmer, where the plotting was performed from behind the maps using chinagraph. The room to the left with the elevated floor was the Führungsraum and the 2 rooms to the right must have been the Auswertung for the telling received from the 3 Flugmeldemess Stellungen and the Aufnahme for the telling received from the FLUKO and from OKL.  The room to the far left was probably telephone and radio room.


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