Gefechtsstand Bunker.


The Luftnachrichten Dienst.


1 Jagddivision, Döberitz (Richthofen Kaserne), DÄDALUS.

  Callsign for Sprechfunk: HORIZONT.  
  Haus Patermann, the initial location of GefStd 1 JD (DÄDALUS 1). © F. Jensen.  

Location by Flemming Jensen.

  Site plan. (DÄDALUS 2).  

Drawing of bunker.


1 JD, Döberitz. © F. Jensen.


The mounting for the Hauptlagekarte on the East wall.  © "The Schrøder Bloodhounds".




A magnificent view of the Ops room. © "The Schrøder Bloodhounds".


The roof. © "The Schrøder Bloodhounds".

  The communications bunker adjacent to the Gef.Std.  
  The command row and Reichlage Karte in Döberitz.   Plotting from behind on the Hauptlagekarte.  


  Pillars, beams, roof and all supporting structures of concrete, the rest is 50 cm thick brick wall as in a Jagdschloss building and in the GefStd found in some Stellungen 1. Ord.  
  Virtual tour of the Kampfraum.   
  You will need Apple - QuickTime - Download  to view the film, it's free, safe and useful for other purposes, but 20 mb.  

1 Jagddivision, Ribbeck, Name unknown.

  Callsign for Sprechfunk: HORIZONT.  


Location of the GefStd.

  Schloss Ribbeck, the GefStd of 1 JD.  I.a.w. the sources this castle was also at some time the GefStd of JG 2 and Lft. 6.  
  Schloss Ribbeck  
  As Soviet forces were closing in, 1 JD relocated for the last time to Flugmeldemess Stellung EICHHÖRNCHEN, Karow on 22 April 1945, just like 2 JD relocated to STAR.  EICHHÖRNCHEN was very close to a RV-station, so it must have been for this reason the location was chosen, not because of the facilities.  These is a stone in the woods adorned with the Wappen commemorating the site.  Thanks to Mr. Rolf Grzywatz.