Gefechtsstand Bunker.


Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, Potsdam Wildpark, KURFÜRST 1.


  The bunker.  
  Site plan, source:
  Subterranea Britannica Research Study Group Sites Wildpark (KURFÜRST) Communications Bunker  
  Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, Oberndorf Muni Lager, KURFÜRST 2.  
  The location to-day  
  Please also see:  Die Geschichte der Luftmunitionsanstalt 5-IV Oberndorf (MUNA) please note that North is down on the aerial picture in the link.  
  Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, Wasserburg am Inn, Gabersee, KURFÜRST 3.  

The HQ was located on the grounds of Bezirksklinikum Gabersee, but no details are known.

  Location of Gabersee.   The hospital grounds.  
  Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, Jena-Lichtenhain, KURFÜRST 4.  
  This HQ certainly eluded me for a long, but thanks to the help of friends, it has now been loccated to the Flak-Kaserne Jena-Lichtenhain near Jena.  Please seemap beow  

In the middle of April 1945 the allied had advanced as depicted on the map bellow.  The OKL decided, that the time had come to leave the Berlin area (23 APR 1945). The staff split with the primary part of OKL with Göring and the Chief of Staff going to the South, and another part called OKL Führungs Stab Nord going to the North.  This stab was also the OKL liaison team to OKW NorthOKL first located at Berchtesgarden and about a week later at Zell-am-See.  OKL Füst Nord West first moved to Rechlin and later into the Schleswig-Holstein area.  Oddly enough, the OKL used the name ROBINSON 5, which was the name hitherto used by the Füst Stab, whereas OKL Füst Nord retained the name KURFÜRST 1.  This could of course be a ploy to foil allied intelligence.



Allied advances and moves of major Lw HQs APR 1945.

  Berchtesgaden.  ROBINSON 4.   Thumersbach, Zeel-am-See.  ROBINSON 5  



The OKL was located in the BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädchen)-Schule in Strub a little West of Berchtesgaden.  A tunnel for ASIEN and some large bunkers were built in the vicinity.

  OKL Füst Nord, KURFÜRST 1.  
  Rechlin.   Silberstedt.  



The GefStd was located in the Offiziers Kasino (Hoffmann II/2 p. 431).


This was originally the GefStd of NJRF 1.  When this HQ was disbanded it became an Ausweich GefStd of Kom.Gen.d.Deut.Lw.Däne.  It was then surveyed and prepared by Lft. Reich as an Ausweich GefStd (Herold 6), but when OKL heard about the facility, they found it in such an excellent condition, that they decided to take it over from Lft. Reich.