Gefechtsstand Bunker.  
  The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  

Nacht Jagd Raum Führer 115/116, St.-Pol, Name unknown.

  If one consider the Luftwaffe practice for the establishment of a NJRF, it was normally located at an airfield, where a Nacht Jagd Gruppe was also stationed.  This is not the case here.  It seems as if the Luftwaffe was in the process of establishing a HQ infrastructure in the anticipation of a force structure, which never materialized.  I fully admit this is a long shot, but it is based on three facts.   
  1.  I found a symbol for a NJRF in the proximity of St.-Pol on a German map from 1943 - 44.  For a long time I looked for this HQ in the vicinity of St.-Pol, until I realized, that the location had to be close to an important airfield and in that area there was only St.-Pol.  By normal military practice there should have been a line from the symbol to the location, if there is, it is hard to see.  


The map.

  2.  Stab/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 52 , which later reformed as I/Ln.-Rgt. 52, was stationed in St.-Pol.  This Abt. was organized to support a Jafü/NJRF or maybe both.  
  3.  Mr. Peter Heijkoop found a L 408SK, which has all the makings of a GefStd built for fighter control, in downtown St.-Pol, please see below.  A L 408 was normally used as command post for a number of (heavy) Flak batteries and there were few if any near FlH St.-Pol.  Since Jafü 4 was located in Bryas, this bunker must be for another HQ, at this point I think it was for NJRF 115/116  


The L 408SK.  It is unusual in that the height to the ceiling is 3.50 m as opposed to the normal 2.40 - 2.60 in a L 408/L 408A.  This could indicate a requirement for a large plotting map.  There is an equipment entrance at the back of the central room (Funkmessgeräteauswerte Raum).  I have only seen this in one more bunker namely the JK GefStd bunker type Cäsar.  This also strongly indicates, that this bunker was intended for used as GefStd for fighter control.


  Location of the bunker in downtown St.-Pol.  
  A view towards the entrance of the Funkmessgeräteauswerte Raum.   The back equipment entrance.  
  A view towards the back equipment entrance.   A nearby estate.  A connection cannot be entirely discounted.  
  All pictures by Mr. Peter Heijkop with his kind permission.  
  Additional pictures by Mr. Ben Muller and Mr. Ruud Murk.