Gefechtsstand Bunker.  
  The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  
  Nacht Jagd Raum Führer 104/Königsberg-Neumark (to-day Chojna), Name unknown.  
  Airfield lay-out.  A possible location of the GefStd is the building just E of the U-formed barrack in the top center of the map, or the 2 buildings near the aprons between the large hangars.  Map courtesy of AFHRA/RSA.  


  "A building" on Chojna to-day.  I admit that there no stone with a memorial plaque saying: "This was once the GefStd of NJRF 104", but if one compares with the GefStd of NJRF 120 opposite, the resemblance is striking.   The GefStd of NJRF 120, Dole.