Gefechtsstand Bunker.  
  The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  

Nacht Jagd Raum Führer 1, Schleswig (Silberstedt), Name unknown.

  Thanks to Mr. Rolf Grzywatz and the Local Achieve at Silberstedt, it has been possible to provide the information below.  



  The location of the GefStd of NJRF 1 just west of the village.  




The location of the GefStd and other buildings.


Oblique areial phpto.  Source:



The GefStd in it's original look.  It most certainly has a design vey similar to the GefStd of NJRF 111. Throughout it's existence this building was called "The Bunker".


The Offiziers Kasino.



"The Bunker" to-day.  © Mr. Rolf Grzywatz.

  A sneak view by "The Bloodhounds".  Only a sign with "Use of deadly force authorized" prevented us from getting a better picture.  
  Please note that this NJRF GefStd is the only one found until further, that was not located at a major airfield.  The place is also of interest since it was the last GefStd of OKL Füst Nord.