Gefechtsstand Bunker.


Der Luftnachrichten Dienst.


Luftflotte 3, Name unknown.




Location by Mr. Peter Heijkoop.


The bunker by Mr. Peter Heijkoop.




Plan view.


Cross section

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  On 19 AUG 1944 the GefStd moved to Reims, where it was located until 28 AUG 1944.  I think it is conceivable that the GefStd was located in this facility:  

GefStd Lft.3, Reims ?



  The GefStd then moved to Arlon where it was located until 25 SEP 1944.  Here Lft.3 was renamed Lw.Kdo. West.  

  Map of the center of Arlon, Belgium.  The Führungsabteilung was located in the Palais de Justice (upper circle), and the Oberkommando in the Monastery Soeurs de Sacre Coer (lower circle).  

Palais de Justice.

  Luftwaffen Kommando West, Dehrn/Limburg, ORION 1.  
  Lft.3. was renamed Lw.Kdo.West 30 SEP 1944, and it established it's GefStd in Schloss Dehrn in the village Dehrn by Limburg.  







Map of Dehrn.  The GefStd was located on the grounds of Schloss Dehrn situated just to the west of the village.


Plan of the Schloss Dehrn grounds.


Schloss Dehrn served as accommodation for the staff.  The Führungsabteilung was initially set up in Gefechtsomnibussen.