Gefechtsstand Bunker.


The Luftnachrichten Dienst.


Jagdabschnittsführer Führer Ostpreussen, Königsberg-Seewiesen (Löwenhagen), DEUTSCHMEISTER.


   This facility is on the mystery list.  Several written sources have indicated, that a bunker facility was constructed to serve as GefStd for the above HQ.  But due to the remoteness of the location it has been hard to obtain any detailed information.


But now the mystery has finally been solved thanks to Mr. Lutz Nolte, who sent me the folowing e-mail on 2011-06-18:


Today I had a conversation with a man, who lived as young boy in Löwenhagen until 25.Jan 1945. He was 15 years old when his family had to flee.

He confirmed the position as 54°37'45" N 20°46'33" E at bottom of the hillside of the SCHAAR with an elevation of 4 meter.

The construction work started around 1943 and the bunker was in use for 1 year until January 1945.

It is strange that the Gefstd was not built into the hillside according the contemporary witness, instead it was built in the flat area in front of it with all the problems like groundwater etc.

Today the bunker's top is visible and it is impossible to enter it due to the high level of water, it is flooded.

A friend of him told about of 118 wires connecting the bunker with other HQs and a rumor said the bunker should be connected with a new Führerhauptquartier in Elbing (Elblag). 

  As you can tell from the maps below, I had through study of numerous sources narrowed down the general area, but I missed the precise location.  Please see bottom of the page.  In a Danish immediate post war report completed in connection with Post Mortem, it is indicated, that the bunker is of JD Gef.Std. size.  During the interrogation of Lt.Gen. "Beppo" Schmid he indicated, that the bunker was of a Cäsar type, which I consider the most likely.  Please also see:
Ostpreuß - Ihr Portal rund um Ostpreußen - Kreise und Orte


  The location of Jafü Ostpreussen as depicted on RL 7/583.  The position of the Jafü symbol seems to be closer to the original position of Neuhausen, than the annotated Seewiesen.  

RAF intelligence map depicting Devau just E and Seewiesen SE of the city.



Vintage map of Königsberg-Seewiesen (Löwenhagen).  The GefStd of the Jafü could be located in one of the wooded areas around Löwenhagen.

  The location of the GefStd on a 1937 map.  The bunker was built near the symbol indicating Baracke.  
  On this picture (1944) Bundesarchiv Bild 196-01390, Löwenhagen one can clearly see the extensive construction work at the location.  
  Mikhail Glinskiy was kind enough to go have a look, and these are the pictures and drawing he sent me.  It is Mikhail's assessment, that this is just a foundation for a bunker.  If this is correct, and if I combine it with the statement at the top of the page, it could have been made in Stahlbetonskeletbauweise and demolished post war.  
  A corner.   Possible cable ditch.  
  A possible cable entry underneath the foundation.   Drawing of the foundation, 30 x 30 m.  This would be consistent with a Cäsar type bunker.