Gefechtsstand Bunker.  
  The Luftnachrichten Dienst:  
  Jagdabschnittsführer Führer Norwegen, Stavanger-Forus, CASABLANCA.  
    This was only recently, finally documented by Erik Ettrup through a long and laborious process.  

  Location by Erik Ettrup.  


Modern map of the area.



The GefStd of Jafü Norwegen.

  I am not sure that I have the whole picture here.  Stab II/Ln-Rgt 251, which o.a. served the Jafü, was "housed" in tunnels (Felshohlbau) in the Jåttån rock-hill.  The Jafü had his radio transmitter here, and it was the location of the RV-Stellung serving the site.  The Stavanger DFMZ was located at Gausel, and it is known that the Luftwaffe had a large barracks camp here.  The bunker looks somewhat small for the execution of all the tasks assigned to a Jafü.  It seems likely that the Auswertung was performed remotely by the DFMZ in Gausel, and the Luftlage was passed to the Jafü.  The largest room in the bunker was probably the Führungsraum.  There was a FuSZ equipped with 2 Y-Linien located in the immediate vicinity of this GefStd.  In 2012 a drawing of the barrack housing the DFMZ surfaced.  It depicts o.a. a Seeburg Keller proving that it was possible to control six night fighters or two day fighters from the DFMZ.  
  The Jåttån rock.  Gausel is just to the SE.  
  Model of the bunker in Jåttån possibly after modification by Norwegian authorities.  Thanks to "Asbjørn".  The large room with the side galleries has all the characteristics of a Luftwaffe Gef.Std.  Note the construction was in Felshohlbau so what you see is just an inner shell.