Gefechtsstand Bunker.


Gefechtsstand for IX Flieger Korps, WOTAN.


Chateau Du Francport, Compiegne.

  IX Fliegerkorps occupied a GefStd on the grounds of Chateau Du Francport east of Compiegne from April 1941 to 30 September 1943.  


Copied from  L'Oise 1939 - 1945 Index with permission.



The overall complex.

  The HQ area. Location thanks to  Mr. Cédric Lemonnier.   Chateau Du Francport.  
  The site of the possible antenna farm.  Location thanks to  Mr. Cédric Lemonnier.      

Le Coudray-en-Thelle/Labossiere-le-Deluge.

  This HQ complex has a very interesting story.  The complex was originally built as a HQ for Luftwaffe Chef d. Genst. under the name ROBINSON 1.  The tunnel became the favorite shelter for Göring's Command Train ("Asien"), when he was in the Paris area.  This section of rail line with the tunnel was accordingly closed for the duration of the occupation.  The tunnel offered excellent protection and the complex included Luftwaffe Vermittlung (LV) 440, which gave easy access to any HQ and unit through Das Reich.  As far as it can be established construction of the complex was started in late 1940, and it was under constant expansion until mid 1942.  By the end of 1942 the German strategic focus had shifted to the East, and the complex was abandoned as a Chef d. Genst. HQ.  In September 1943 IX Flg. Korps took over the facilities as a GefStd, and the Korps remained there until shortly before the arrival of US ground forces 28 August 1944 at 1930 local time.  In August 1944 the complex was subjected to an air attack, which collapsed the southern tunnel entrance.  The tunnel was also being used as a V-1 fuel depot under the codename WOLF, and this was probably the main reason for the attack, not the Korps HQ.  




The airstrip was being serviced by Fi 156 Storch.  It was normal practice to have an aircraft like this assigned to higher HQs.  Often it was used even for very short trips where others would use a car.  Photo via J. Junker ©, with his kind permission.


Plan of the HQ complex.


"Göring's bunker", probably later the GefStd of IX Flg.Korps © Graham Taylor 2005.




The nearby railway tunnel, where Göring's Command Train "ASIEN" was sheltered.  © Graham Taylor.


The ruins of the waterworks.  © Graham Taylor 2005.




An Infanterie Stand near "Tunnel Road".  © Graham Taylor.


An Infanterie Stand near "Tunnel Road".  © Graham Taylor.




"Göring's bunker".


The 617 SK.