Gefechtsstand Bunker.  
  The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  
  XII Flieger Korps & I Jagdkorps, Zeist, Name unknown.  


Villa De Breul, the location of GefStd XII Flg.Korps and I JK, the bunker may never have been used operationally.




Drawing of bunker.


The bunker in the spring of 1945.  The newly dug trenches indicates recent use.



  Immediate post war photo.  Note painted windows and fake balcony for camouflage.   The building in the 90'ties.  
  Location.   Recce photo of the bunker and De Breul (just to the left of the black line). With the kind permission of Willem Tiemens.  

I Jagdkorps, Braunschweig-Querum, METEOR 1 ?.

  After a long and futile search I finally got the right clue.  The GefStd was located in the Ln-Kasernen in Querum - to-day called the Husaren-Kaserne.  This was followed up by Michael Grube, who found a reinforced, gas-proofed cellar, with amour doors and an emergency exit in the former Stabsgebäude.  And the final proof:  A tunnel from the cellar leading to the Offiziers Kasino :-).  During an attack on the city on the night of 29 MAR/30 MAR 1944 the GefStd suffered severe damage.  
  Quote from the KTB of I JK, 08.12.43:  
"Mit Wirkung vom 10.12.43 wird der Ausweichgefechststand Ge.Kdo. I. Jagdkorps auf dem Kommandowege Aufgestellt. Aufstellungsort Braunschweig-Querum":
  The location of the GefStd at the Husaren-Kaserne.  



The Stabsgebäude.


Details from the cellar.


I Jagdkorps/IX Fliegerkorps (Jagd), Treuenbrietzen, Meteor 4.




Location by Kai Blitz on the grounds of the Johanniter-Krankenhaus.

  Picture from "Schwere Kämpfe in und um Treuenbrietzen" via Kai Blitz.  Using the door as the only available yardstick it is assessed that the bunker was with a layout and of a size similar to that of II JK.  



The hospital in 1936.


Re-drawn artist impression of the area in 1945, based on new information provided by Mr. Jürgen Zapf.  The bunker was demolished by the Soviets post war.

  This - from my point of vantage sensational photo - depicts the Reichlage Karte in the GefStd in Treuenbrietzen.  The map is obviously in scale 1:500.000.  Deutsche Chronik – Bilder, Daten, Dokumente 1933 – 1945, Verlag der Nation, Berlin 1981.  Via Mr Leif Petersen.   Sketch of the ops.-room drawn by Lt.Gen. J (Beppo) Schmid the commander of I JK in connection with a POW interrogation.