Gefechtsstand  Bunker.  
  The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  

4 Jagddivision, Metz, MEDUSA.

  Callsign for Sprechfunk: HOLZAUGE.  
      Thanks to the energetic efforts of  Mr. Frédéric Gondron ("Société Historique de Gouvieux") and the valuable assistance of Mr. Peter Heijkoop - and modestly my stubborn insistence, the GefStd of 4 JD has been located.  




Location by Mr. Frédéric Gondron, at the former "Bayern Kaserne" now "Caserne De Lattre de Tassigny".

  The bunker is quite obvious of the same variant as the GefStd of 7 JD with the asymmetric roof.  This entails that the bunker is similar to a Zentral GefStd (FA), but it is not completely identical.  Note similarity with the bunker of 7 JD and difference from the bunker of Jafü Däne.  
  The complex in 1945.  
  The bunker to-day seen from the West (The Annex-side).  The windows, on the 3 walls visible, are probably original, but some could be a French "Retro-fit".  Photo by Mr. Eric Zeppenfeld