The Luftnachrichten Dienst.

  3 Jagddivision, Deelen, DIOGENES 1 & 2.  
  Callsign for Sprechfunk: PRIMADONNA.  

  Plan of the Divisions Dorf, based on UK intelligence reports and photo interpretation.  Please note the multiple foundations just East of the Zentral Gefechtsstand.  The first GefStd of 1 JD was the T-shaped building at the lower left of the map.  
  The first GefStd of 1.(N)JD/1.JD.  

It has hitherto been a common belief, that the T-shaped building was an experimental test facility, constructed to to develop tactics, techniques and procedures to be utilized in a Zentral Gefechtsstand.  Based on recent information it has now been established, that the building indeed was the operational GefStd of 1 JD.  The shape and size of the building has a striking similarity with the first GefStd of 2 JD in Stade.  I now consider it very likely that the two buildings were very similar.


Some remaining buildings in the Divisions Dorf, © Mr. W. F. Kleijn.


The large bunker DIOGENES 2, built as successor to the T-shaped bulding, author collection.  Completed in October 1943.

  The so called communications bunker located SW of the large bunker; approx measurements 5 x 5 m, 4 m high. © DRG/W.F.Kleijn/ www.fliegerhorstdeelen.nl  

   On 17 SEP 1944 at 1900 hours, the Kampfraum was blown up utilizing 2 x 1000 kg and 8 x 500 kg aircraft bombs.  This rendered the facility unusable for the rest of the war.

  Drawing.:  Essentially identical to Gyges.  
  De bunker Diogenes van 3. Jagddivision  

Why did 3 JD relocate from Deelen to Duisburg?

  The German report on the relocation (BAMA RL 8/186).  
  3 JD, Duisburg-Kaiserberg, DIOGENES 3.  
  Location in the FLUKO Duisburg facility.  
  The building of FLUKO Duisburg to-day.  
  3 JD, Wiedenbrück, DIOGENES 4.  
  Location at Restaurant Rosengarten the former Restauration von Heinrich Schalück.  
  This facility was completed in October 1942 as an Ausweich Gefechtsstand.  The location was chosen due to the proximity of LV 14 in a bunker a few hundred meters down Gütersloher Strasse.  Two rooms in the inn were reinforced as bunkers, and three wooden barracks were built in the backyard.  Offices and the commander of the JD were located in a wooden building to the right of the main building.  
  Map of the location.   Thw wooden building to the right of the main building.  
  Location thanks to Eric Zeppenfeld photos by "FrankieS".