Gefechtsstand Bunkers.

  The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  
  2 Jagddivision, Stade, SOKRATES 1.  

Callsign for Sprechfunk: KREUZRITTER.



Location of the complex.


  Site plan, based on information from Stadtarchiv Stade, Az.: 62/20/03 "Entmilitariserung 1947 - 1957 (1962), very kindly provided by Mr. Oliver Wleklinski, IBA.  The T-shaped building at the top was the original GefStd.  


Sketch of the first GefStd of 2 JD, built in weeks just after the establishment.  Based on drawing in "SOKRATES" by Mr. Dieter-Theodor Bohlmann.  When the staff of 2 JD, moved to the bunker, this building was inherited by Jafü Deutsche Bucht as his GefStd.


  2 JD, SOKRATES, author collection via BBC.  
  Drawing.:  Essentially identical to Gyges.  

2 Jagddivision, Lütjenhorn, SOKRATES 2.


  During the retreat 2 JD GefStd withdrew to the Funkmeldemess Stellung STAR in Schleswig-Holstein.  


The Stellung STAR summer 1945.