The Luftnachrichten Dienst:


Jagdunterabschnittsführer Jütland, Ein.Hfn. Esbjerg, Name unknown.

  This HQ was established on Einsatzhafen Esbjerg subordinated to Jafü Deutsche Bucht 1 May 1941.  The first commander was OL Friedrich Vollbracht (RK).  It was responsible for the control of day-fighters, few and far between as they might be, in the Danish sector.  The 2 barracks depicted below were located at Esbjerg.  The only reasonable explanation I can find is that they supported this HQ.  I.a.w. with a German Leitungs diagram the HQ received reporting from the FLUKOs in Denmark.  


 Einsatzhafen Esbjerg 1945.  The below mentioned barracks were located in the southern part close to the hangar area.



Most probable the GefStd of Jagd.Uab.Füh. Jüt.

  The barrack for Nachrichtenhelferinin.  This barrack was built to house a minimum of 100 persons, a number that by far exceeds the requirement for this type of personnel on an Einsatzhafen.