The use of Luftwaffe radars for sea surveillance.





  A Würzburg in the Esbjerg area.  
  After some discussion and differences of opinion, it has now been firmly documented, that Luftwaffe radars were used systematically in an well organized fashion for this purpose in the AOR of Lft.3.  The instruction was issued 10 April 1942 and orders the use of the Würzburg for sea surveillance day and night, whenever they are not employed for air warning.  Please see below.  The plots were to be passed to the Funk Flugmeldezentrale, who in turn would pass them to a Kriegsmarine Ortungs Zentral or a Sicherungsdivision.  Based on a map contained in Hoffmann Band 2, Teil 1 it was possible to plot the position of the Würzburg sites as of March 1942.  Please see below.  
  Order from Lft.3.  

Map of Würzburg sites in France 1942.

  Similar arrangements existed in Norway and Denmark.  
  With the introduction of the Flugmeldemess Stellungen in France they also assumed this responsibility now utilizing the Würzburg Riese.  Plots were now passed the the Gef.Std. of the Jafü.  Of interest is the claim of a POW from DIESTELFINK, who in his interrogation stated, that the station on 6 June 1944 in the period 0100 - 0300 plotted more than 100 ships and passed the plots to Jafü 5.  This is contrary to the official history, where it consistently is stated, that the invasion fleet was never detected by radar.  Please also see: Pre D-Day attacks.