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      This subject is a researchers nightmare.  The Kriegsmarine used one type of grid, the Luftwaffe used 2 and needless to say the Heer used their own as well.  The Kriegsmarine grid was intended to facilitate the transmission of positions in clear, using a grid which it was difficult to figure out for The Allies.  They succeeded for a very long time.  The Luftwaffe grids were only intended to pass aircraft positions and for fighter control.  The system was very systematic, easy to figure out and reports were transmitted on radio and land lines utilizing a very simple, easily broken substitution code (See L.Dv.704/4 Teil 4, Heft d).   The difference in the reporting grids caused numerous problems in the exchange of information between the 2 services.  In order to minimize the risk of misunderstandings a phonetic alphabet was used as given below.  
       These grid systems have be-deviled researchers for years.  The MQK was cracked some years ago and now we are fortunate to have a converter (The LUMA), which will convert the Luftwaffemeldenetz to geographical positions thanks to the time and effort by FrankieS, who wishes to be known under this name only.  Please read the LUMA Guide before you attempt to use the LUMA.  Also note when converting from Geo. positions to Gradnetz  you should click once more on the blue area in order to complete the calculation.  Both the LUMA Guide and the LUMA may be downloaded and saved on your PC so you don't have to visit this site every time you want to convert.  

German phonetic alphabet.


Heer and Luftwaffe.


The Jägergradnetz.


The Jägergradnetz explained.


LUMA Guide.






The Luftwaffemeldenetz in Denmark.


Reichlage karte.

  Grossraumlage Karte I JK.  
  Grossraumlage Karte II JK.  

The Balkans.




Marine Quadrat Karte.

 - The U-boat War in Maps.  
  German Naval Maps of the Second World War.  

Marine Quadrat Karte Converter (.zip 84 Kb.) Short-cut to sub-link on the above link.


MQK in Northern Denmark.


MQK in Southern Denmark.

  MQK in The Western Baltic.  



Army Grid, modified British System used in the ETO during the WWII.