Nyboder Skole, Gefechtsstand.  
  This GefStd was originally established to serve Wehrmacht Befehlshaber Dänemark.  It consisted of Nyboder Skole, a guard house, a Offiziers Kasino, a command bunker, a communications bunker and a bunker probably intended for storage, all underground.  The bunkers were completed 1 AUG 1943.  In December 1943 Wehrmacht Befehlshaber Dänemark moved to Silkeborg Bad, and the GefStd was handed over to a HQ which had many designations, some for the purpose of concealing the true identity.  Kdr.Res.Gren.Rgt 6, 166 Res.Div. Oberfeldkdtr. 398 all - so it seems - being Höhrer Kommando Kopenhagen a formation commanded by a general, but whose function is not quite clear.   A RAF and a Danish report states that the GefStd housed the OZ of See-Kommandant Dänische Inseln at the time of the liberation, which is incorrect.  


The school grounds.

  The above ground buildings.  
  The underground bunkers.  
  All photos below are curtsey Mr. D. Bogø with his kind permission.  Please also see: Nyboder Skole Bunker  
  The command bunker, 3.700 cbm concrete.   The command bunker with recent on top construction in progress  
  The stairs leading down to the command bunker.   The escape tunnel from the command bunker.  
  The communications bunker (1.190 cbm) and the possible storage bunker.  Drawing of the latter is provisional.   The entrance to communications bunker along the wall of the Kasino.  
  The stairs to the communications bunker.   The exit of the escape tunnel from the communications bunker in the railway embankment.  

The entrance the the storage bunker at the back of the Kasino.

  The stairs leading down into the bunker.  
  Plan of the Offiziers Kasino.   The Offiziers Kasino.  
  The guard house.