Odds and ends.  

I have on this site only touched upon the subject of night fighters, but it goes without saying, that without night fighters there would be no area air defence at night.  This page addresses but a figment of the long and complex story of Luftwaffe night fighters and is mainly focused on the final months of WW II.

  Ju 88G-6 versions.   Last Luftwaffe Gliederung.  
  LEMB Ju88G-database.   The dissolution of the night fighter force.  
  Night Fighter Training.   Night Fighter cockpit control and display equipment.  
  Selected ULTRA intercepts DEC 44 - MAY 45.   Air Ministry list of captured aircraft.  
  He219 at Grove.  Pictures from private collections and LEMB.   He219 cut-away.  
  Luftwaffe night fighter airfields Courtesy Mr. Rod Mackenzie, member of LEMB and co author of Nachtjagd War Diaries.   Pictures of salvaged He 219  
  He 219 manual.   He 219 A-0 Schusswaffenanlage.  
  He 219 A-0 Teil 8A Beiheft 1 Schreagbewaffnung.   Luftwaffe digital colors.  
  Allied Pre D-Day attacks on German radars on the Channel coast.   Zeichenerklaerung Fliegerhorste.  
  Taktische Zeichen der Luftwaffe.   US manual on Luftwaffe ordance.  
  Jann 1   Jann 2  
  Jann 3   Jann 4