In the course of my research I have come across a number of unanswered questions.  I would be grateful for any assistance any reader could give me. Below is a list of some questions.  
  Names of radarstations.      
  What was the planned name of:      
  Stellung 69 at Reistrup.      
  Stellung 72 at Nøbølle.      
  Stellung 73 at Klintholm.      
  The Wassermann S at Helligsø.      
  The See-Elefant/Russel at Hanstholm.      
  What was the name of the Mammut at Hanstholm?      
  Locations of radarstations:      
  What was the exact location of the Kriegsmarine Freya/Freiburg at:      

Mystery bunker, Gouvieux, Chantilly.

  Why were the GefStd of JK, JD, Jafü and NJRF not systematically attacked?  

A 4'th Cäsar bunker found in Reims.


Nyboder Skole.