Jamming Service. (Funk(Mess)-Stördienst).







  Jamming of H2S.  
     In "Funkstör" Fritz Trenkle describes how H2S was jammed using the Roderich jammer.  The signal from the jammer was strong enough to blank out the scope at 40 km.  Unfortunately the proliferation of this jammer is not described and no mention has been made of the deployment of this system to Denmark.  It is, however, noteworthy that S.K.-Stelle Kolding 20 JUN 1944 took delivery from Funkaufklärungs Abt. Reich of a Korfu 812, which was designed to detect and track H2S transmissions.  Was this in preparation of of an expansion of the role of the jamming system in Denmark to also encompass H2S jamming?  Since the Korfu and the Roderich antenna were combined, it is impossible from a photo of a Korfu to establish if it is an intercept/jammer combination.  The Stör Haupt- and the Kontrol-Stelle were all co-located with a Richtfunk Verbindungs (RV) Stellung, which could indicate a jamming control-net based on RV connectivity.  It is therefore noteworthy that the FuMB-Stellungen equipped with Korfu 812 VEILCHEN, TAMARISKE, STROHLBLUME AND GEISSBLATT also were co-located with a RV-Stellung.  In February 1945 the Norwegian FuMB Stellung LIBELLE jams AI Mk X - which works in the same band as H2S.  The presence of a Korfu 812 in RINGELNATTER has always puzzled me. It makes sense if it was combined with a jammer employed to prevent the identification of Ringkøbing fjord on a H2S.  I admit that the evidence is circumstantial, but if I were a judge I would convict.  The FuMB Stellungen in Denmark were probably also FuMS-Stellungen.  If my theory is correct the below map would be a depiction of the additional Luftwaffe jamming stations in Denmark.  

  Map of FuMB stations in Denmark with a probable H2S jamming function.  


The RV-Stellung associated with the Funkstör Stelle in Denmark.


Jamming equipment employed against navigation systems and radar.





Roderich Siemens 2860 - 3160 Mhz H2S, AI Mk X
  Roland * Siemens 2730 - 3750 Mhz H2S
  Korona**   2.5 - 11 Ghz Allied airborne radars.
  * The jammer was combined with the Korfu 812 and the two systems used a combined antenna.  
  ** The jammer was combined with Kormax and the two systems used combined antennas.  
  Scope picture of a H2S being jammed of a Roderich at 2 km - just before bomb release.   The antenna of the Roderich.  
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