Fliegerhorst Grove.





Approach aids.

  The "approach aids" at the eastern end of FlH Grove. From left to right: Auswertung for ZZ-Verfahren and Würzburg Landetrup, Haupteinflugzeichen (HEZ) Bake, LGW Adcock, UKW-Funklandeanlage (to-day ILS), FuG. 16 radio - possibly used by the Auswertung - and Voreinflugzeichen (VEZ) Bake. Please also note the Leite Funkfeuer at the lower left.  The Luftwaffe had a Lande-Verfahren based on the Würzburg Dora. This was the "father" of to days Ground Controlled Approach (GCA). A Dora was located about 250 m from the runway threshold, when an aircraft was approaching it would be tracked by the Dora and the pilot would receive course and glide path information by radio. The system was in operation at FlH Grove as early as the summer of 1943.  
  The antenna for the UKW-Landestrahl-Anlage.   The Splitterschütz for the UKW-Landestrahl-Anlage, 2005.  
  The "LGW" building. The exact function is unknown, but part could have been to function as Auswertung for the Ilskov Adcock.   The same building at FlH Juvincourt. © Mr. David Bonnaventure, with his kind permission.  
  Kabelmerksteine 50 m west of the building.   Possibly a Tornado (UKW) Peiler.  
  The telephone lines connecting the "LGW" building with the HEZ.   On this map of telephone lines the "LGW" building is called "Peilstation".  
  The Peiltisch for an Adcock.   The Stromtafel for an Adcock.  
  Kabelmerksteine 200 m west of the building.   Detail on Kabelmerksteine 200 m west of the building.  
  The sad remains of the Fu.G 16.   Generator building close to the FuG. 16.  
  The foundation for the generator.   The on-off switch, note 60 Amp, 500 Volts.  
  A HEZ/VEZ Bake.   German documentation.  
  The very extensive lighting system.  
  German manuals describing the lighting system.  
  Einheilichtkeit der Fliegerbodenorganisation für Nachtjagdeinsatz T.E. Nr. 24.   Nachtstarthilfe durch 60 cm - Flakschweinwerfer T.E. Nr. 1.  
  Runway lights 2011.   The socket for runway lights 2011.  
  There is a cable well in connection with each light.   and the logo of the manufacturer, Siemens-Schuckertwerke.  
  Every fifth light is mounted on a very elaborate foundation.   The cable entries 70 cm down.  
  Drawing of runway light, thanks to Cmdr (RNN) Jan Egil Fjørtoft.