Fliegerhorst Grove.





Part 3.


8,8 cm Flak.



A 8,8 cm Flak 37 on a Sockel-Lafette at Søsterhøj, Århus.  © F. Jensen, Århus.

     Personally my favorite site by far, is a very well preserved 8,8 cm Flak StellungFlH Grove was defended by 4 x 8,8 cm batteries with 6 guns, and 14 light Flak Zuge with 3 guns in each.  There was however eight sites for 8,8 cm Flak. Four of the 8,8 cm batteries are preserved and three are very well preserved.  In two sites the guns were mounted on Sockel Lafette on a concrete Bettung.  They were thus very difficult to reposition.  The guns and essential equipment were protected by a Splitterschütz Wall, with a concrete "floor".  The Splitterschütz, Bettung and all the cable ditches are preserved.  After the war 4 Mannheim radars were found at Grove, and it is reasonable to assume that these were used for directing the 8,8 cm Flak batteries.  

The Flak at Grove was established 10 AUG 1940 with batteries from Flakersatz-Abt. 24 and Leichte Res.-Flakabt 842.  The battery below was operational 14 AUG 1940.  On 20 AUG 1940 Flakersatz-Abt. 24 was replaced by Res.Flakabt. 294 with the Stab manning the UGRUKO.  On 22 AUG 1940 the 294'th was replaced by Res.Flakabt. 607.  In SEP 1942 Flakuntergruppe Grove was manned by Stab/Le.Flak.Abt 742.  On 1 FEB 1945 the 8,8 cm batteries were manned by Schwere Flak Abteilung 272.

  Location of heavy Flak batteries.  
  The 8,8 cm battery in 1945.  The guns are positioned in an almost perfect pentagon with one gun in the center.   My interpretation based on the photo and field surveys.  
  The northern G-Stand.   Possible Muni Nische.  

  Nominal lay-out of a G-Stand.  
  Mounting ring.   Cable ditch, the place is crawling with them.  
  This small brick Nische by the center gun position mystified me  . .   until I found this picture on E-bay.  An operator with a small plotting table, where local warning was received from the UGRUKO/Flak Abt.  
  Mannheim radars at Grove after the war.  
  G-Stand for 8,8 cm Flak (towed).  
  The concrete floor in a G-Stand in J Flak SW.  It is our assessment that the rectangular holes (45 x 60 cm) are for the Auflageteller.   The same place after two hours energetic effort by six members of Research Group Grove.  
  The (slightly) dirty half dozen.   Plan of the foundation.  Please note that is not a equal angle octagon, as opposed to the foundation found under Excavation above.