Fliegerhorst Grove.









Part 2 a.


Ground defence areas (Stützpunkte) and Flak positions 1943.


As it can be seen from the above map, Grove eventually developed into a Stützpunktgruppe.  The ground defenses of FlH Grove consisted of a number of Stützpunkte arrayed to provide for 360 dg. defence against a ground attack.  Each Stützpunkt was further organized to defend 360 dg.  Most St-bunkers had a Tobruk, where a LMG could be mounted.  LMGs were mounted in Type 58 c/d (alt) in many of the sub-areas, 3 Type 67 (alt) mounted Pz II turrets and finally one Type 58 c/d mounted a FT-17 turret.  Many of the Flak positions no doubt had a secondary ground defence role.

  Type 67 (alt) mounting a Pz II turret with a 2 cm gun.  These bunkers have their field of fire towards the airfield perimeter.  
  A Type 67 (alt) mounting a Pz II turret without the 2 cm gun.  This Ringstand is located just east of the main runway at FlH Aalb-West.  The turret, however, has been removed.  Photo "Jos" ©.   Drawing by author of the version of the Type 67 (alt) as found on Grove.  
  T-60. Unterstand für Ladeaggregat.   T-60. Unterstand für Ladeaggregat, 2006.  
  A FT-17 turret on a Type 58 c alt.   T-31, Type 58 c alt.  
  Drawing by author of the version of the Type 58c (alt) as found on Grove.   A Type 58c (alt) on Grove 2008.