Fliegerhorst Grove.





Part 19.

  Sicherungsfahrzeug UE(f).  

During the fall of France the Wehrmacht captured about 3.000 Renault UE Chenillette.  Some of these were rebuilt and used for airfield security duties under the designation Sicherungsfahrzeug UE(f).  One version of the rebuilt entailed the mounting of a high armored superstructure at the back equipped with a MG 131 in addition to the small cupola in front with a 7.92 le.MG.  After the war a couple of these vehicles were found in a scrap vehicle dump at Grove.  It is not inconceivable, that these had been used by the Land.Sch.Zuge at Grove.

  Renault UE Chenillette (Model shots).  
  Sicherungsfahrzeug UE(f).  (Model add.).   A very rare shot of 3 Sicherungsfahrzeuge UE(f), three different versions, at Grove.  The one in the middle seems to be a more common variant.