Fliegerhorst Grove.





Part 17.




According the report published by the RAF Disarmament Organization all runways in Denmark were constructed with demolition pits. ("A point of interest is that all runways had demolition pits incorporated during construction").  For the lack of a better expression I use the working designation Sprengbrunnen.  It is evident from aerial photos of German airfields in France, that some runways have been destroyed by charges, which were emplaced in a very systematic pattern.  In Denmark maps of runways depicting the location and descriptions of the Sprengbrunnen have also been found.  At FlH Vejle about 500 of these Sprengbrunnen were constructed into the runway and taxiways.

  Sketch based on maps from FlH Tirstrup and Vejle.  On runways there were three in a V-shaped pattern, on taxiways one, on or close to the centerline.    Danish post war drawing. This well can contain about 150 kg of explosive.  In order to facilitate rapid emplacement and demolition, the charges were in all probability prefabricated and fitted exactly into the well.  
  A lid for a Sprengbrunnen at Grove in the summer of 1945.   A lid for a Sprengbrunnen at Grove in 2007.  
  With the lid removed.  
  A wonderful shot down a taxiway with a lid for a Sprengbrunnen at Grove in 2007.