Fliegerhorst Grove.






  Part 15. Miscellaneous buildings.  


  On this page I will compile various buildings that do not fit into the functions of a Stp., but primarily are related to Grove's function as an airfield.  


  If you can call a building entertaining, this must be it.  There were 38 of these constructions dispersed all over the airfield.  There was an iron door mounted in the front opening.  According to the post war report by the Ministry of the Interior, these buildings were waste bins!  It is my assessment that the Germans had realized the fire hazard on the airfield, and had distributed these constructions as waste bins for flammable waste.  After all there was fuel and ammo in open storage and a bush fire could quickly turn into a major embarrassment.  Even to-day, during dry summers, smoking is prohibited out-side except in designated areas. The German name for these constructions was Asche- und Müll Behalter, and they were used in Stellungen of all three services.  
  Underground building with unknown function.  It is almost completely embedded in the soil, it is somewhat remote from other buildings, but located in the main aircraft maintenance area.