Fliegerhorst Grove.





Part 13 d.


Flak towers.

  About 10 light Flak guns were placed in Einheitsstand für leichte Flak (hölzerner Hochstand) i.e. Flak towers.  



Location of light Flak Zuge.

  Einheitsstand für leichte Flak (hölzerner Hochstand).  © D. Mouritzen.   Einheitsstand für leichte Flak (hölzerner Hochstand) at Grove.  


  Seemingly a standard foundation for the tower depicted above.  
  At Grove it has proven to be somewhat of a challenge to find some of these foundationsThe only remains, which can be seen above ground of this particular foundation are the mounting bolts,   but this is what one finds after a little digging,  
  Plan of the foundation.   and nearby there was a "depot" for these obviously pre-fabricated elements.  
  An unusual variant of a Flak tower foundation.