Fliegerhorst Grove.





Part 13 b.


le.MGs used as Flak.


17 le.MGs were employed for anti-aircraft defence at Grove.  In the BfM the types are unspecified, but the weapons, depicted below in anti-aircraft mounts, were used for ground defence at Grove.



Locations of Drohnen Nest.

  An interesting picture in many ways, the thing to notice in this context is the MG 15  in an anti-aircraft mount. The weapons site was called a Drohnen Nest.   MG 13Via Mr. Dan Mouritzen.  
  MG 15Via Mr. Dan Mouritzen.   MG 26/30 Via Mr. Dan Mouritzen.  
  MG 34Via Mr. Dan Mouritzen.   MG 151/15 Drilling, Via Mr. Dan Mouritzen.  
  A Drohnen Nest Anno 2007, slightly collapsed, but with the original pole.   Drawing of Drohnen Nest.  
  A cluster of Drohnen Nest 1945.   A cluster of Drohnen Nest 2001.