Fliegerhorst Grove.







Part 12.


In any German Stp. there was a lot slit trenches with weapons sites and foxholes.  Additionally some weapons sites were built entirely of earth reinforced with lumber, brick or concrete or combined of these materials.  This page deals with these constructions as found on FlH Grove.  German specifications of some of these constructions can be found here Bildheft neuzeitlicher Stellungsbau.

  Constructions found at Grove.  
  Schützenloch für 1 Schütze   Schützenloch für 2 Schützen  
  M.G. Stand   Feuerstellung für Granatwerfer  
  Pit for small arms ammo, we have found hundreds of them.   Feuerstellung für l.e.I.G.  
  Feuerstellung für Feldgeschütz.   Possibly emplacement for FFM.  
  Site for Abort.   Kampfgrab.