Fliegerhorst Grove.






  Part 10. Late bunkers.  


  Recent research has established that the bunkers depicted below were built very late.  They also differ from the early bunkers in that most are built of white concrete bricks as opposed to red clay bricks and they contain very little concrete.  Oddly the bricks have been applied with an outer layer of very thin concrete, maybe to make them "look-alike" real bunkers.  
  The T-33, Bereitschaftsraum.  Recent research has established that this bunker was built in at least 3 variants.  The difference being the depth of the rooms and the number of supporting pillars (1, 2 or 3).  All three versions have been found at Grove.  
  T-33, Bereitschaftsraum, small version.   T-33, Bereitschaftsraum, medium or large version.  
  T-33, Bereitschaftsraum, large version.  
  Bunker for fuel pump, located close to 3 very large reveted dispersals.  
  Very odd bunker, function unknown.  Hitherto two have been found both located close to three reveted dispersals.  
  T-56, Kühlbunker.  
  T-32.  Splitterschutzzelle.