Fliegerhorst Grove.








  Part 1. Early bunkers 1940 - 1941.  
  T-22, Gefechtsstand (Fliegerhorst).  Completed August 1940.  
  T-28, Luftschütz Unterstand für 50 Mann.  Five of these bunkers were completed in August 1940.  
  T-58, Sanitätsunterstand.   T-58, Sanitätsunterstand.  (1949).  
  T-59. Luftschütz Unterstand für 30 mann.  This bunker looks like half a T-28.   T-59, 2006.  
  T-61, Telefonzentrale.   T-61, Telefonzentrale, front.  
  T-61, Telefonzentrale, back.   T-61, Telefonzentrale, front, 2006.  
  T-57. Yes that is the size.  You can back down a truck or have a parade down there; the monster is underground and earth covered.  Finished in AUG 1940.