Fliegerhorst Grove.








  Part 22. Me 262 (Silber) at Grove.  

  In 2007 the group discovered this area, which was not mentioned in any documents or shown on any of the known maps. It consists of a number of revetments, a taxi-track and Splitterschütz for three barracks.  
  One of the u-shaped revetment. The wall is made of turf and remarkably well preserved.  
  The taxi-track constructed of "Rasensteine".      
  and then Jørn Junker found this map in 2010.  The area was a Liegeplatz for Me 262; Silber was the LW codename for this type of aircraft. AFAIK this is the first time it has been documented that the infrastructure at Grove was prepared to support operations with Me 262.