Der Luftnachrichten Dienst.

  HQ unknown, Reims, Name unknown.  



Romulus and Remus with the wolverine.


"The 4'th Cäsar Bunker".


There was a Jägerleit Stellung called REMUS in the vicinity of Reims, there is a fair chance that this HQ bunker was called ROMULUS.

     Thanks to the energetic work by Mr. Peter Heijkoop a 4'th Cäsar Bunker has been found this time in Reims and this info is published with the kind permission of Peter.  We have the bunker, but who was the residing HQ?  

  The Reims area.  



The bunker.  © Mr. Peter Heijkoop.


Room 2'nd floor.  © Mr. Peter Heijkoop.

  Staircase to 1'st floor.  © Mr. Peter Heijkoop.   Room at 1'st floor.  © Mr. Peter Heijkoop.  
  View of Kampfraum from Lichtpunktverfertribune.  © Mr. Peter Heijkoop.      
  Exterior views.  © Mr. Peter Heijkoop.