Kriegsmarine radar stations.






   Jrn Junker was kind enough to bring my attention to the existence of this system.  In a KTB entry 1 NOV 1943 Adm.Dne identifies the requirement for the deployment of such systems at the channel leading into Esbjerg harbor and the Western and Eastern entrance to Limfjorden.  It is unknown if this system was actually ever deployed in Denmark - or anywhere else for that matter. The operational system was named Wally 3.  It consisted of a transmitter working on 2300 Mhz and a receiver deployed opposite to the transmitter, both located as close to the water level as possible.  The transmitter sent out a signal which if interrupted by an object would cause an alarm to sound at a monitoring station.  It was thus not necessary for target to be radar reflecting, if the signal was interrupted the alarm wound sound.  It is my theory that this system was intended to detect intruders in midget sub-marines and canoes from S.B.S.

  Desired locations for the deployment of Dezimeterwellen-Hafensperre.  

  Dezimeterwellen-Hafensperre (transmitter).