The map that didn't make it to BAMA.  

On a late afternoon in early May 1945, the later Col. F.G. Tillisch drove up in front of the HQ of Wehrm.Bef.Dän in Silkeborg.  A Kübelwagen was about to leave with some German officers.  In the back of the car was a number of documents among them the Lagekarte for German forces in Denmark as of 4 MAY 1945.  Tillisch assessed that the Germans had no further use for it and confiscated the map.  He was a member of the Danish Army General Staff Intelligence Section and attached to the allied commission, which were to accept the German surrender.  He should have handed in the map to his masters, and it would probably have gone forever.  Now he kept it in his private files.  Almost 50 years later Mogens Scott Hansen and I had a meeting with the now retired Tillisch.  He had heard about our work, and he had a few odds and ends, which might interest us.  Among the items were this German General Staff map in 1:300.000.  Mogens had it copied in colors and he gave me a copy.


Below are links to 7 pdf files about 3.5 mb each with scans of the map.  It does contain errors and omissions due to sloppy staff work and insufficient supervision, but all the same I consider this a small germ.  Each file contains 6 sheets from W to E, and the files are arranged from N to S.

  Map 1.  
  Map 2.  
  Map 3.  
  Map 4.  
  Map 5.  
  Map 6.  
  Map 7.  
  The then 1/Lt F.G. Tillisch in company with AVM Sir Basil Embry (AOC RAF 2. Group) in front of the destroyed Gestapo HQ at the University of Århus.