Der Luftnachrichten Dienst.


Mystery bunker, Gouvieux, Chantilly.

  I am deeply indebted to Mr. Leif Petersen and family, Haderslev for the trouble they took in making a detour to this location on my behalf.  For a while I was certain that this was the GefStd of II JK, but recent discoveries have proved me utterly wrong (I now know the taste of crow).  So ladies and gentlemen. "What is it ?"  

Location by Mr. Leif Petersen.


Entrance.  Mr. Leif Petersen.


 Entrance to generator room.  Mr. Leif Petersen.




Foundation for generator.  Mr. Leif Petersen.


The inside of room # 2 from the left. Mr. Leif Petersen.




Additional constructions and foundations/objects in the area by Mr Frederic Gondron .



1. Bunker, 2. Possible transformer and 3. unknown foundation possible for large radiomast.

     The recent finds adds insult to injury.  There are new pieces to the puzzle, but some pieces are a puzzle in themselves.  The transformer indicates a large power demand and this could correlate with a high-power radio transmitter or radar.  The foundation found looks to me like a foundation for a large four legged steel lattice mast, but I've never seen a similar foundation.  It is thus conceivable, that the site was a remote radiostation for an important HQ.  The GefStd of II JK is a few km down the road, so an association between the 2 sites cannot be discounted.  If the drawing is consulted there are additional foundations, which could be linked to radio masts.   

2. Possible transformer.


  Foundation 50 m from possible transformer.   2. Possible transformer.  
  3. Unknown foundation possible for large radiomast.  
  Sketch of foundation.   Overview of foundation.  
  Top of one of the blocks in  54.   56.  
  63 and 64.   62.  
  The "Riverside" end of the tunnel connecting to the emergency exit.  There is another (shorter) tunnel on the opposite side of the bunker.   A foundation for another radiomast just east of the bunker.  Mr. Leif Petersen.