Luftwaffe Jagd Gefechtsstände, the Luftlage and types of Jagdverfahren.  
     As described elsewhere the production of The Recognized Air Picture (Luftlage) was a long, laborious and very manpower intensive process, and this problem was not solved post-war until the advent of computers.  The available written sources describes very well the process up to and including the JD, at higher levels the descriptions are very scarce.  From the known layout of the GefStd of XII Flg.Korps/I JK it is evident that a vertical plotting  board with a large scale map was also employed here.  Judging from photos from GefStd Lft.Reich and the known bunker lay-out, it seems as if a vertical plotting board was used here as well, but in a much smaller scale.  What came as a recent novelty to me, was that The Grossraumlage was also told to and plotted in the GefStd of the Jagdgeschwader and from here it was passed to the GefStd of the Jagdgruppe.  This has led to speculations concerning the degree of corporation between the Nachtjagdgruppe and the NJRF and complicated the hunt for the GefStd of the NJRF.  It is evident from the written sources that there was some form of corporation between the 2 staffs, it has even been argued that the Gruppe GefStd was embedded in the NJRF GefStd.  This would certainly have been feasible and possible until the autumn of 1943.  In the initial Helle Riegel the NJRF had one subordinate Nachtjagdgruppe and they were located/stationed at the same airfield.  With the expansion of the system there were many departures from this practice, especially in the areas of 4 and 5 JD, so the Gruppen simply had to have their own GefStd.  In the first few month of 1944 all the NJRF were disbanded, at this point all Gruppen needed a GefStd of their own.  

Luftlage production.


  The intention with the below table is to illustrate the various function related to the production of the Recognized Air Picture (RAP) and it's dissemination in it's final form at the end of the war.

  Production of Luftlage Filtering Production and telling of Hauptlage Plotting of Hauptlage Production and telling of  Raumlage Plotting of Raumlage Production and telling of  Grossraum-lage Plotting of Grossraum-lage Production of Reichlage Telling of Reichlage Plotting of Reichlage
Stellung 3'ord. X                    
Stellung 2'ord. X X


Stellung 1'ord. X X X         X      
Jafü/NJRF   X   X X     X      
Jagd.Absch.Füh.   X   X     X X     X
Jagddivision   X   X   X X X     X
Jagdkorps   X       X   X     X
Lft. Reich   X           X X X  
Jagdgruppe           X   X      
Jagdgeschwader           X   X      
Jägerleit Stellung               X      


Flowchart depicting the production and exchange of track information after OCT 1943.

  Types of Jagdverfahren and command level.  
  Seeburg-Lichtenstein Himmelbett Ungeführte Zahme Sau Wilde Sau Geführte Zahme Sau
Stellung 3'ord.


Stellung 2'ord. X X      
Stellung 1'ord. X X      
NJ Gruppe.     X (1)    
NJG.     X (1)    
Jagd.Absch.Füh.     X X X
Jagddivision     X X X
Jagdkorps     X X  
Lft. Reich          
Jägerleit Stellung         X

(1)  From 1944 and on-wards.  Neither the NJG nor the NJ Gruppe had a plotting room.  The "control" consisted of a repetition of a wording passed down from the JD, primarily as W/T.  This was done on the local unit frequency, as a countermeasure to the allied jamming.

  Plotting methods in the JD and JK GefStd.